Wednesday, January 21, 2015

First MTC Blog Post!

Hey everyone and greetings from the MTC! So much has happened here already and its a lot to take in!

Wednesday: So I entered the MTC and already I met someone going to the same mission as me! It was during admittance that I found out that the missionary in front of me was going on the same mission as me. When we got to the classroom, we found out that we were going to be companions!!!! His name is Elder Manning and he is pretty awesome. He comes from Idaho with a family of 14 kids, him being the youngest!!!!!! We met the rest of the district which consists of three sisters and two elders. Right away we got thrown into learning Russian with our teacher and it was so random! All the words seem to change constantly and at any moment depending who is saying it and what they are saying! The food is delicious and very filling. I think I'm gonna like it here!

Thursday: So today I woke up at about 6:30 thanks to Elder Hess's (roommate and in our district) evil alarm clock which can literally wake up the entire floor. It threw his companion, Elder Nielson, out of bed and onto the floor! We then went and meet with the rest of the zone which includes the leaders Elders Crabb and Brown and Sisters Martin and Hansen. I also ran into Hemana Prows today! They're very great and super funny. I can feel the spirit at work when they speak whole sentences in Russian! Speaking of which, Today we learned how to pray in Russian and were told we we're gonna start  teaching an investigator on Friday!  His name is Cesha and he speaks only Russian!!! Lets just say I was freaking out!!

Friday: Today was super stressful! Elder Manning and I started prepping to teach Cesha today, but the words were just not coming to us! We decided to teach him how to pray (since that's all we knew haha) and find out more about him. He isn't a member of the church but he seems very interested about the doctrine, but just has some questions about the holy ghost and praying. When we got in the conversation just started flowing and you could feel the spirit working to bridge the language barrier.

Saturday: It has been by far the most spiritual day I've had today and I have to thank my entire zone. I've gotten praying down in Russain and I feel like I can do it confidently. Tonight is where the big stuff happened because Sister Robb ask for a blessing from the elders in the zone! We all got together during the end of the day and I got to participate in the blessing. Right after that, the rest of the sisters stared asking for blessings one by one. At the end, Sister Martin stood up and asked if I would give her a blessing as well!!!! My first ever blessing!!! I was freaking out, but I said yes and let me tell you now, one of the most humbling and spiritual moments of my life. I felt the spirit leading me what to say and I started tearing up a bit. Sister Martin started tearing up as well and when I finished shook my hand saying it was on of the best blessings she has ever felt and it just made me so happy inside. After that we decided to watch a mission episode of the Kiev Temple dedication and the youth culture show they had for it. All the youths spoke about how happy they were to have a Temple close by finally and I could really just feel the pure joy in all their hearts. Afterwards we started bearing our testimonies and finally went to bed.

Sunday: Today was pretty relaxed and just learned how Sundays are done. I saw the Joseph Smith Movie for the first time and I just gotta say that I know that Joseph smith was a true prophet of god and he did restore the gospel to the this earth. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

Tuesday: On Tuesday we had a devotional be Elder Russel M. Ballard! And I got a second row seat. He quite literally would look at me sometimes!!! His spirit and testimony were strong and inviting. The talk he gave reminded me that while I am on my mission I am here, not to serve myself, but to serve God and my fellow men. He said that if we ever feel down or over worked, we should try writing letters to Joseph Smith as he was in Liberty Jail, trying to cheer him up!

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