Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Stand Tall and Stride Forward!

Hey everyone!

Missing you all lots and I am definitively receiving all the love here at the MTC!!!! This week has been full of many, many blessings and also many trials. But I have learned so much in this last week than I ever thought possible!

Wednesday: So today we welcomed the new district into the zone! We are no longer the babies of the zone!!! That is until some gives a really powerful talk, then we're all pretty much babies. They are really nice and super excited to learn Russian...( just they wait hehehe) No but really they are super prepared and ready for action. All of the sisters even took Russian in College already!!!!!! But they said that what they were learning here was never in college, and its so much easier to understand. Some blessings come from being faithful and can blossom in certain places!

Thursday: So today I got another chance at teaching Ola, our investigator from last week and this time I didn't freak out!!! We taught about prayer and why it was important to continue to bring our hearts closer to God. I felt the spirit so much and I knew that Ola was understanding it to. She agreed to pray with pure intent and also read the scriptures every night.

Friday: We found out today that we were being kicked out of our building and moved to one way far away from our classroom, the cafeteria, and the gym. At first we were all really upset that we had little to no time here in the building and we had just started making it feel like dom ( Russian word for home) that we didn't want to leave, but we prayed about it and decided it was the right thing to do. We also had another lesson with Brat Gill where I feel like I was just not advancing! Russian was just not coming to me and it was killing me!!!! But Brat Gill assured me that I was doing great actually and that through my personal reading times where I studied the text books, I knew and understood stuff that he was just getting into in his college class!!! I felt blown away cause I understood stuff just in a different way.

Saturday: So our seniors elders and sisters in the zone started packing up to leave on Monday and on Tuesday..... I honestly felt so torn apart. These guys had been there with us from the beginning and they were the ones who looked after us. They taught us and shared their testimonies. I'm gonna miss these guys a lot.

Sunday: Elder Manning is the new DISTRICT LEADER!!! I'm super happy for him and I know he's gonna do great. We also had a devotional tonight that was about companions and it was sweet and a little cheesy, but the meaning was still the same! They talked about how it was important to respect your companions and work together rather than apart. So with Elder Manning, I think we're gonna do just fine.

Monday: Elders Brown and Crabb left today and the mood of everyone was really down. We all loved those two so much but we know that they are off to do much good. We had a little meeting this morning, between three zones and ours, where we just bore our testimonies and our goodbyes. I talked to them about the temple dedication video they showed us the first week in. The one in Kiev where they showed the youth putting on a culture festival. Well I compared them to those youth, how because of their work that the spirit and truth of the gospel will grow throughout the land. I know I hate saying goodbyes but just this time its fine, because I think of the people in Russia who get the most wonderful opportunities, to say hi.

Tuesday: We had Sisters Martin and Hansen leave today which was crazy because I really connected with Sister Martin. We are gonna meet up one day and just have a general good time. We also had a devotional where they talked about Esther and being afraid. What I got out of all of it was that we are all like Esther right now. We have been told of the truthfulness of the Gospel and it is up to us to stand for it. We must stand tall and stride forward into the king's throne room and stand our ground. If we fall into fear and do not act, we will miss our opportunity to help him who needs it at that time. God has prepared people all over the world to receive the gospel and he is counting on us to give it to them. So I leave you with this: if you will not stand for what's right, who will?

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