Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Power of Faith

I am so sorry I didn't write last week everyone! It's been so busy and so much has happened that I just dont know how to write everything down!! So for this update I'm just gonna write some of the major key points that have happened over the last two weeks!!

 So about two weeks ago on Thursday, One of our sisters got sick. Sick to the point of throwing up and asking for a blessing. All the Elders were really worried and all agreed to give her a blessing. She needed to go to the bathroom with the other sisters, so all the Elders stayed back in the room. While they were all in there, we decided to pray. I remember just getting on my knees and begging, just begging Heavenly Father that she would be healed, that he would make her whole again and all would be well once more. I just just kept begging and begging for everything to be fine again and I just felt so helpless. Then, I dont even know when, I remembered the scripture where the Centennial sent for Jesus and asked him to heal one of his beloved servants. As Jesus was coming up on the home the Centennial said "Please don't go into my home for I am not worthy to have thee in my home. But just say it shall be so and I know that as soon as ye say it, it shall be." And Jesus turns and says that he never found such faith before. I started just praying for more faith, for Heavenly Father to help me have more faith. I just sat knelt there praying for a good 30 minutes before the sisters all returned. I was still a bit worried, but we gave the blessing. She had asked Elder Manning to give the blessing, and as soon as he started saying the words, it hit me: that this was my sister. This was my sister and my brother who was giving a blessing of healing. I could feel them in all of their entirety. I could feel their spirits and their feelings. Their joy, sorrows, and entire being. I could also feel the intense love God had for them. Everything that he gave and everything he hoped for them. I could just feel it all and I started shaking under it. I felt such joy and happiness in all things. The creation, the fall, and the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I felt such a rush of gratitude and I knew that everything would be fine. After the blessing, our sisters went to bed and the next day, the sister was feeling much better and has been healthy ever since. 

Another big point was my first lesson with me being the one to plan and teach it. ALL IN RUSSIAN. At first I was extremely worried. My Russian wasn't too good, and I kept making like a hundred mistakes. So when Brat Gill, one of my favorite teachers pulled me aside and said he was going to be teaching me how to go through the study cycle and I would have to give a lesson to one of our  investigators, needless to say, I was freaking out. I really didn't want to mess up in front of him and I also didn't want to mess up in front of Edward ( our investigator). I decided that the lesson was going to be focused on faith. I started preparing the lesson with Brat Gill giving me pointers and then it came time to give the lesson. I messed up a lot on the grammar and I forgot to extend a commitment, but when I bore my testimony, using words I didnt know I knew and I could just feel the spirit so intensely  and I also knew that Edward could too. When we got out of the lesson, Brat Gill said I did a great job and I just felt so confident that I could definitely mange this lesson. 

So those are just two really big points in my otherwise two busy weeks. On the side note, I'm now Senior companion and District Leader so just a lot happening and getting ready for a new district this week. I hope all is well at home and just know I love you all!!!

Elder Shaw

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