Monday, June 15, 2015


So I was reading in the the Gospel of Luke lately and I came across a passage that I think is rather interesting. It's When Jesus is going through Galilee and Samaria and he runs into ten Lepers. They call out to him from afar and ask to  be healed. Christ tells them to go and show themselves before the priest. As they go and do that, all ten of them are healed. It was a miracle! But I think happened next is something even more amazing.

Out of the ten, only one stayed behind and thanked Jesus for what he had done.  The other nine had run off enjoying their new-found health. I began thinking: "Which of these lepers am I?" Am I the one who stays and says "thank you," or am I the one who leaves to enjoy that I got what I wanted?  So, I've made a resolution to be that one Leper, instead of the rest of the crowd.

I know that everything in my life which is good is come of God and that he is more than willing to give us blessings.  So then I sing my thanks unto my Lord and God for he is truly magnificent!  With him all is possible and I can stand taller than I ever have before! Always remember to pray and ASK and IT SHALL BE GIVEN THEE. And always remember to be thankful for what you are given.

I say this in the name of Jesus Christ Amen